Vital Daryl Dixon Line Hints Walking Dead's New Villains Know What Caused The Zombie Virus


Vital Daryl Dixon Line Hints Walking Dead’s New Villains Know What Caused The Zombie Virus

A line in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 4 carries the implication that the show’s villains know what caused the zombie virus outbreak.

Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 4




  • Genet’s comment in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 4 suggests that she knows something about the origin of the zombie apocalypse that others don’t.
  • Genet’s knowledge could potentially change the trajectory of the entire Walking Dead franchise, as she may hold the key to solving the mystery of the virus and its beginnings.
  • Daryl Dixon’s interactions with Genet may lead to a confrontation that unveils the truth about the virus’s origin, allowing Daryl to bring this information back to his allies and further expand their understanding of the world.

A key line in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 4 indicates that the spinoff’s villains know the story behind the origin of the zombie apocalypse. Led by Genet, Daryl Dixon’s Guerriers are a seemingly brand-new organization in The Walking Dead’s world. In addition to being Daryl’s biggest threat in France, the Guerriers may possess knowledge that goes far beyond what the main characters know in regards to the zombie virus and its beginnings.

Though The Walking Dead didn’t begin with the initial outbreak, the franchise has found opportunities to explore the earliest stages of the apocalypse. It’s accomplished this through flashbacks in various shows, and also by kicking off Fear the Walking Dead at the start of the outbreak. However, outside of a few hints, the franchise has avoided any deep exploration of what really brought about the virus in the first place. For 13 years now, its origin has been a mystery in the Walking Dead universe. Interestingly, there may be people out there who hold the answer to it.

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Daryl Dixon’s Villain Hints She Knows What Caused The Zombie Outbreak

In The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 4, Genet made a comment that implied she knows something others don’t when it comes to the virus. When speaking to a woman who believed in the claim that Laurent is the messiah, Genet remarked, “the weak, the submissive, the credulous… It’s people like you who got us into this mess.” It’s not exactly clear what Genet is referring to, as it should be difficult for someone to attribute the rise of zombies to people who are “credulous” and “weak.”

Her curious statement creates the impression that she knows what set their current circumstances in motion. Genet can’t accurately lay the blame for “this mess” on “the weak” and “the submissive” unless she’s privy to information pertaining to the start of the zombie apocalypse. Otherwise, she’d just be making wild, unfounded assumptions. It’s possible that Genet’s comments stem from her recollection of the mistakes that unleashed the virus on the world.

How Genet May Know About The Walking Dead’s Virus Origin

Daryl Dixon and villains from his Walking Dead spinoff

Of course, the reveal that Genet is aware of the zombie virus’ origin would naturally lead to more questions. Namely, there would be the matter of how Genet knows so much about the cause of the outbreak and who’s responsible. While Genet knowing anything concerning this mystery would be a massive reveal, it’s not one that would come without proper setup in The Walking Dead franchise. The Walking Dead: The World Beyond revealed that France is directly related to the outbreak’s beginnings. Seen in World Beyond’s ending, a French phrase written on a wall in France translates to, “The dead are born here.”

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Since the virus started somewhere in France, it’s certainly not implausible that Genet carries the key to solving this mystery. Having lived in the place that was apparently the breeding ground for the zombie apocalypse could easily explain any knowledge she may have. She could have even been at the center of it. Previous episodes have revealed that the Guerriers are involved in some manner with scientific experiments, further bolstering the case that Genet shares a connection to World Beyond’s France tease. If so, the scientists who created the virus may be the real subject of Genet’s remark in Daryl Dixon episode 4.

Genet’s Zombie Virus Knowledge Could Totally Change The Walking Dead

Madame Genet in The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon

Genet’s past experiences could be crucial not only to Daryl Dixon’s ending, but also to The Walking Dead franchise as a whole. What she went through, and the full meaning of her comments, could be laid out in a flashback in one of Daryl Dixon’s remaining episodes. Or, it could be disclosed directly to Daryl over the course of the show’s events. Such a scenario occurring is certainly the table, especially Daryl is being targeted by Genet. Some sort of confrontation between the two feels inevitable at this point. When that happens, a chance may come for The Walking Dead to reveal the truth about the origin of the zombie virus to Daryl.

In doing so, the spinoff would set the stage for the bulk of its main characters to find out about it as well. After all, Daryl’s main goal – getting back to Alexandria – hasn’t changed, even if his adventures in France do continue into The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. Not only that, but Daryl’s connection to Rick Grimes makes him a character sure to get brought back into the orbit of the other characters sooner or later. Since Daryl’s return is likely to happen, what he potentially learns from Genet could be shared with his allies, allowing for a better understanding of the world outside their borders. This would essentially complete the fact-finding mission Maggie sent him on in The Walking Dead’s last episode.

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The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon releases new episodes on Sundays on AMC.

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