Walter White Serves Pizza To Gordon Ramsay (& Then Blows Him Up) In Breaking Bad Parody Video


Walter White Serves Pizza To Gordon Ramsay (& Then Blows Him Up) In Breaking Bad Parody Video

The volatile cooks Walter White and Gordon Ramsay go head to head in a Breaking Bad and Hell’s Kitchen crossover video called “Breaking Kitchen.”


  • Walter White and Gordon Ramsay collide in a crossover video that showcases their explosive meeting on Hell’s Kitchen.
  • The video is part of the ongoing series “Breaking Kitchen” and imagines Walter White serving pizza to Ramsay before things turn sour.
  • The pizza scene from Breaking Bad, where Walt throws a pizza on the roof, has become iconic and spawned popular memes, but also caused problems for the homeowners of the show’s filming location.



Walter White serves pizza to Gordon Ramsay and then blows him in a Breaking Bad and Hell’s Kitchen crossover video. Bryan Cranston played the high-school chemistry teacher turned meth cook in Breaking Bad from 2008 to 2013, and the character has remained present in popular culture due to his returns in El Camino and Better Call Saul. On the other hand, the equally volatile cook Gordon Ramsay has hosted Hell’s Kitchen on American television since 2005, which follows contestants as they compete for a chance to be head chef at a restaurant.

The worlds of Walter White and Gordon Ramsay recently collided in explosive fashion in a new crossover video from Alternative Cuts, which is actually the sixth episode in an ongoing series called “Breaking Kitchen.” Watch the video below:

The video imagines Walter White competing on Hell’s Kitchen and serving pizza (and dipping sticks) to Gordon Ramsay. The meeting between the two volatile cooks is immediately adversarial and by the video’s end, it boils over into Walt blowing up the celebrity chef à la Tuco in Breaking Bad episode 6.

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Breaking Bad’s Pizza Scene Explained

Breaking Bad‘s pizza scene provides the backbone for the Hell’s Kitchen crossover video which, as a quirky moment in an otherwise dark drama, is one of the most iconic scenes the show has produced. It occurs during Breaking Bad season 3, episode 2 when Walt, recently separated from his wife Skyler, tries to appease her with pizza, to no avail. In a fit of familial frustration, Walt slings the unsliced pizza onto the roof. Amazingly, Cranston achieved this impossibly difficult toss on the first take. In the scene, he does a subtle double take back at the pie in disbelief.

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In addition to spawning popular memes like the Hell’s Kitchen crossover video, Breaking Bad‘s pizza scene also inspired a problematic prank. Fans have flocked to the real Albuquerque home that served as the White residence in the show to throw pizza on the roof, which has understandably enraged the homeowners Francis and Louis Padilla. The problem got so bad that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and star Jonathan Banks made impassioned pleas to fans to stop throwing pizza on the roof. Nevertheless, the problem persisted, and the owners constructed a fence around the house, which pizza perpetrators still sometimes climb.

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