Wes Anderson's The Rat Catcher Cast & Character Guide


Wes Anderson’s The Rat Catcher Cast & Character Guide

Wes Anderson’s The Rat Catcher is another short film in his Roald Dahl collection, and it sees three talented cast members bringing its story to life.


  • The Rat Catcher is one of Wes Anderson’s Roald Dahl adaptations on Netflix, blending the director’s filmmaking style with Dahl’s wild stories.
  • Richard Ayoade delivers real comedy and brings an offbeat tone to his role as The Editor in The Rat Catcher, showcasing his comedic talent.
  • British actor Ralph Fiennes portrays The Rat Man, and he also plays a fictionalized version of Dahl in Anderson’s shorts.



The Rat Catcher is one of multiple short films that Wes Anderson made for Netflix inspired by the works of children’s author Roald Dahl. The project features a small cast of eccentric characters who bring this bold and colorful story to life with outlandish performances and deadpan comedy that sticks close to Anderson’s signature cinematic style. These Roald Dahl short movies have been excellently received so far, with critics and audiences agreeing that Anderson’s filmmaking blends perfectly with the author’s wild stories.

Specifically, The Rat Catcher tells the story of an exterminator — who looks like a large rat himself — tasked with eradicating an infestation of rats. He ultimately decides to use his appearance to his benefit and gain their trust before wiping them out. Like the majority of Dahl’s stories, The Rat Catcher is comical and lighthearted while maintaining a slightly serious undertone that brings everything together in the end. Anderson’s style meshes perfectly with the narrative, and The Rat Catcher may even be the best of the director’s Dahl adaptations.

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Richard Ayoade As The Editor

In The Rat Catcher, Richard Ayoade takes on the central role of The Editor, who also serves as the narrator of the story. It’s from his perspective that Dahl’s narrative is told, with Ayoade often delivering the other characters’ lines for them. He slips perfectly into this offbeat tone, bringing real comedy to the role. Ayoade is best known for his parts in TV comedies, including Moss from The IT Crowd and several characters from The Mighty Boosh. When it comes to movies, Ayoade’s biggest credits include Professor Marmalade in The Bad Guys, Patrick in The Souvenir: Part II, and Councilor Jerry in Pixar’s Soul.

Ralph Fiennes As The Rat Man

Ralph Fiennes in The Rat Catcher

The Rat Man plays a huge part in The Rat Catcher’s story, as he’s called in to exterminate a group of rats that have been destroying property. The character, whose makeup and costumes are designed to make him resemble a rat, is played by British actor Ralph Fiennes. Fiennes also appears in Anderson’s other short films as a fictionalized version of Dahl. He’s best known for playing characters like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter, Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List, and Justin Quayle in The Constant Gardener. He’s also worked with The Rat Catcher director before on The Grand Budapest Hotel, which is one of Anderson’s most aesthetically pleasing movies.

Rupert Friend As Claud

Rupert Friend as Claud in The Rat Catcher

Portrayed by British actor Rupert Friend, Claud is the one who initially calls The Rat Man for assistance. He’s a mechanic who works next door to The Editor, and it’s his property the rats have been wreaking havoc on. Friend appears in the cast of The Swan, another one of Anderson’s short films, which adapts Dahl’s story of the same name. Before The Rat Catcher and The Swan, however, the actor was known for his starring roles in projects such as Hitman: Agent 47, The Death of Stalin, and Pride and Prejudice, where he played the characters of Agent 47, Vasily, and Mr. Wickham, respectively.

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