What "Daes Dae'mar" Means In The Wheel Of Time & How It Hints At The Show's Future


What “Daes Dae’mar” Means In The Wheel Of Time & How It Hints At The Show’s Future

“Daes Dae’mar,” the title of The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 7 carries special meaning for the show, while also serving as a hint at its future.

Warning: Spoilers for The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 7




  • “Daes Dae’mar” reveals shocking betrayals & expands on the show’s lore, setting the stage for the grand finale of the second book.
  • The phrase refers to the “Game of Houses” or political maneuvering in The Wheel of Time’s world, which becomes crucial to the characters’ future.
  • Rand’s introduction to the Game of Houses in episode 3 connects to his interactions with Siuan and his need for allies against the Dark One.

“Daes Dae’mar,” the title of The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 7, carries special meaning in Robert Jordan’s fantasy world, while also carrying implications for the show’s future. Though not a season finale, the penultimate episode proved to be a massive entry in Amazon’s interpretation of Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. In addition to setting the stage for an adaptation of the second book’s grand finale, “Daes Dae’mar” featured a few shocking betrayals.

All in one episode, Barthanes Damodred turned out to be a Darkfriend in league with the Forsaken, Siuan Sanche abandoned her original plan with Moiraine to help the Dragon Reborn, and Verin Mathwin went against the will of the White Tower by aiding in Rand’s escape from Cairhien. It also dropped a major twist regarding Moiraine’s supposed stilling, which turned out to be a shielding weave expertly crafted by Ishamael. Plus, it expanded on the lore by discussing the part of the prophecy that calls for Rand to be declared as the Dragon Reborn. Another noteworthy addition came from the title, which refers to a major concept from Jordan’s books.

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The Meaning Of Daes Dae’mar In The Wheel Of Time Books Explained

Like many unique words in The Wheel of Time books, such as ta’veren or a’dam, Daes Dae’mar is a phrase from the Old Tongue, the language spoken by people who lived during the Age of Legends. Daes Dae’mar is another term for The Great Game or The Game of Houses. These three phrases refer to the “game” of politics that people have to engage in The Wheel of Time’s world. Noble and rich families, like Moiraine and Anvaere’s House Damodred, are players in the Game of Houses, meaning that they’re taking measures (using status and money) to advance themselves politically.

Rand received his introduction into the Game of Houses in The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 3 when Natasha O’Keeffe’s Lanfear took him to a party. As for what makes the phrase relevant to episode 7, it seems the title relates to Rand’s talk with Siuan and the twist involving Barthanes. Barthanes aligning himself with the Dark One was apparently his plan to win at Daes Dae’mar. Also, the way Lan taught Rand to walk before meeting Siuan connects to the Great Game as well, as social mannerisms are key to playing Daes Dae’mar. In the source material, Siuan was adept at this technique, making it important that Rand understand how to deal with her.

Why Daes Dae’mar Is Vital To Wheel Of Time’s Future

Barthanes smiling in The Wheel of Time.

It’s important to note that the concept of Daes Dae’mar is unlikely to lose its significance from the show’s plot simply because the characters have moved on from Cairhien. For the most part, The Wheel of Time has been more of an adventure series than a story of political intrigue ala Game of Thrones, but as the saga unfolds, it should grow into a blend of both elements. Since alliances between nations are crucial to beating the Dark One, it’s only natural that more political maneuvering will be vital. Like it or not, Rand isn’t done playing Daes Dae’mar, as he’ll need to continue getting involved in such things if he wants to procure the necessary allies.

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