What The Office's Cast Has Said About Returning For A Reboot, As Development Officially Begins


What The Office’s Cast Has Said About Returning For A Reboot, As Development Officially Begins

An Office reboot has officially entered development without a confirmed cast, but here’s everything the Office actors have said about a reboot.


  • The Office
    reboot has officially been confirmed with Greg Daniels returning as showrunner, but the cast has not yet been announced.

  • Several
    actors, including John Krasinski and Ellie Kemper, have expressed their desire to be part of the reboot.
  • Some actors, like BJ Novak, have reservations about a reboot and believe it should be approached as an artistic decision rather than a financial one.



A reboot of The Office has been confirmed with Greg Daniels returning as the showrunner, but the cast has yet to be announced — though several original stars have commented on the possibility of a revival. The Office ended after nine seasons in 2013, and while many argue that it had run its course by the time Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left The Office in season 7, the series managed to continue successfully with its eccentric supporting characters and a revolving door of guest stars. Since the series ended a decade ago, The Office never lost popularity. In fact, it has become one of the most bingeable sitcoms on streaming services.

Due to the popularity of the NBC series, a reboot of The Office has been talked about and rumored for years, but there has never been any official confirmation. However, the network has now confirmed that The Office reboot is officially in the works with its original showrunner returning. While there’s no information on casting, some Office actors’ stances on a potential reboot make their return likely. Several have expressed interest in reprising their Office roles since the show ended, while others are more skeptical of making a comeback. However, with Daniels back at the helm, even the hesitant Office cast members may change their tunes about a revival.

10 John Krasinski Said He Would “Love To Do It” When Asked About The Office Reunion

Jim actor John Krasinski admitted that he would “love to do it” when asked about a potential Office reboot (via Esquire). The actor added, “The Office was absolutely everything to me… I’m pretty sure at the end of my career I’ll still be known for Jim. That was my first experience with Hollywood. It was the first creative family I’ve ever had.” Out of every cast member from The Office, Krasinski seemingly had the most fun making the show. The Office outtakes of Krasinski cry-laughing on set are almost as funny as the actual scenes. In that respect, it’s no surprise that Krasinski is a shoo-in for The Office reboot.

9 Ellie Kemper Said She’d “Love” An Office Reboot

Close up of Erin smiling in The Office

Speaking about being part of an Office reboot, Ellie Kemper, who played Erin, revealed that she’d “love” to be a part of the project in 2019 (via USA Today). However, Kemper’s comments were bittersweet, as she didn’t think a revival would happen. The actor noted, “I would love for there to be a reboot, but I don’t think there will be. So, that’s a sad answer, but maybe in like a reunion episode that would be fun.” It isn’t clear what format The Office reboot will be — whether it’s several specials or a whole season — but even one reunion episode a la HBO’s Friends: The Reunion would be welcome.

8 Craig Ferguson Said “Yo, What’s Up?” To An Office Reunion

Dwight spots Darryl in the office gym in The Office

Darryl (Craig Ferguson) wasn’t one of The Office‘s main characters to begin with, but he had an increasingly prominent role with each season. He eventually became one of the funniest characters on the show. Thankfully, Ferguson isn’t averse to an Office reunion. The actor told The Daily Beast, “If they said, ‘Hey, we’re doing a reunion’ or what have you, I would be like, ‘Yo, what’s up? What’s Darryl doing now?’ If Greg Daniels is spearheading it, then it is going to be fantastic.” Ferguson seemingly hasn’t broken character, as “Yo, what’s up?” is a nonchalant expression that Darryl would use.

7 Rainn Wilson Would “Love To Revisit” The Office

Dwight being fed pizza in The Office

Rainn Wilson is one of The Office’s biggest champions, and the actor has never forgotten the role that made him famous: Dwight Schrute. It’s been well-documented that Wilson wants to revisit the show. The Office star even pitched an unhinged and timely reboot. He also told Collider, “It’s funny, I hear things like, ‘We can’t do anything because we ended this show perfectly, and we don’t wanna do anything else.’ But then, someone will send some idea that’s just preposterous and I don’t know what to think.” Wilson revealed that he’s spoken to Daniels, so it’s likely that Dwight will return. Honestly, the reunion wouldn’t be the same without him.

6 BJ Novak Thinks The Office Reboot “Needs To Be Approached As An Artistic Decision”

Ryan holding a Kelly name plate in The Office

BJ Novak, who played Ryan in The Office and wrote a number of episodes, is more hesitant about rebooting The Office than the rest of the cast. The actor is worried that an Office reboot would be developed for the wrong reasons, telling Deadline, “I think it needs to be approached as an artistic decision, not as a financial decision. I worry that there’s so much financial pressure, understandably, to mine this precious metal in the ground called The Office reboot.” Novak is also concerned that it’ll be hard to get the characters back together, but he could return to the writers’ room even if Ryan doesn’t appear.

5 Mindy Kaling Is “Excited & Supportive” About An Office Reboot

Kelly Kapoor seated in front of a computer in The Office

Mindy Kaling played customer service representative Kelly in The Office, and like Novak, she wrote a number of episodes. However, Kaling is more open to an Office reboot than Novak, telling StyleCaster, “If Greg Daniels was in charge of it, I would be excited and supportive and try to help in any way I could. It had to be the right person steering the ship.” Most of the actors of The Office agree that Daniels must return in order for the reboot to work. With Daniels confirmed as the revival’s showrunner, it’s likely that Kaling and other actors will return. After all, it’ll be a reunion for the cast, too.

4 Jenna Fischer Thinks The Office Reboot Is “For The Networks To Figure Out”

Jenna Fischer as Pam on the reception phone in The Office.

Jenna Fischer remained hesitant to reveal whether she’d return as Pam in the Office revival. The actor noted (via The Hollywood Reporter), “I think that’s for networks to figure out if I were to be asked. I haven’t been approached about it and don’t know anything about it… But I love Pam.” While Fischer stayed mysterious, her work outside The Office hints that she’d absolutely return. The actor cohosts the Office Ladies podcast with Angela Kinsey, who played Angela in the show. The two stars excitedly discuss their experiences working on The Office. The two actors even have their own idea for an Office movie (via Vulture).

3 Oscar Nunez Said The Office Reboot Is “Probably Not Going To Happen”

Oscar talks to a sad Angela at work on The Office

Oscar Nunez, who played grouchy accountant Oscar in The Office, expressed that he didn’t think an Office reboot was going to happen (via Metro Philadelphia). The actor posited, “I think the only way it will happen is if it’s a Christmas special or some one-off thing. I don’t think it could be a series. The only way I could see it happen is something like that… Sorry to say.” However, Nunez’s comments were before NBC officially announced that the Office reboot is officially in development. In that respect, Nunez could return — and he’s likely right that it will be a one-off or special, too.

2 Ed Helms Said “Of Course” To An Office Reunion

Andy gives an interview in The Office

Ed Helms played the polarizing and unlikable Andy in The Office. Andy was a fascinating character until the show focused on him and made him the office regional manager. Nevertheless, it’d still be great to see Helms return in The Office reboot, and the actor is ecstatic over the idea of reprising the role (via Today). When asked if he’d take part in an Office reunion, Helms responded, “Guys, of course. This is the thing. The cast of The Office loves that show as much as the fans.” An Office reboot could feature a redemption arc for Andy, as fans hated the way he treated Erin in the final season.

1 Brian Baumgartner Thinks The Idea Of An Office Reboot Is “Confusing”

Kevin carries chili into the office in The Office

Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin in The Office, is confused by the idea of a reboot (via Cheat Sheet). The actor explained, “People who are asking for a reboot is always confusing to me. Because what are we rebooting?” He has a point, as all the characters are in different places in their lives, including Kevin, who now runs a bar. However, given that Scranton was nine years of the characters’ lives, there’s surely a way to bring them back to the same place again for The Office reboot. That’s especially true if the revival is only a short special, which wouldn’t require them repeatedly meeting in the same location.

Fans of The Officewill have to wait and see if the upcoming reboot brings the entire cast back together again. It’s hard to imagine a revival without Dunder Mifflin’s key players — both the ones who have commented on the revival and the ones who have steered clear of discussing it.

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