Wheel Of Time Season 2 Sets Up A New Amyrlin Seat & Another Book Change


Wheel Of Time Season 2 Sets Up A New Amyrlin Seat & Another Book Change

What happened in The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 7 sets up a new Amyrlin Seat, but not the character who winds up with this role in the books.

Warning: Spoilers for The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 7




  • Siuan Sanche’s position as the Amyrlin Seat in The Wheel of Time may be in jeopardy, as events in season 2, episode 7 indicate her impending downfall.
  • Siuan’s secret about the Dragon Reborn’s existence could be a crucial factor in her removal from power, as she will have to explain what happened when Rand escaped.
  • The character Liandrin is a strong contender for becoming the new Amyrlin Seat and orchestrating Siuan’s downfall, as she has been trying to cause trouble at the White Tower and now has an opportunity to seize power.

The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 7, titled “Daes Dae’mar,” laid the groundwork for a new Amyrlin Seat – and in turn, another major change to the novels. True to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books, season 1 of Amazon’s live-action adaptation introduced Siuan Sanche as the White Tower’s Amyrlin Seat. It’s a position she still holds in the show; however, it may not be long before she’s usurped as the leader of the Aes Sedai.

Of course, there’s no expectation for Siuan to remain The Wheel of Time’s Amyrlin Seat forever. After all, her book counterpart doesn’t hold onto her power all the way through to the end of the books. Ultimately, other Wheel of Time characters wind up carrying the Amyrlin Seat title. The TV version, on the other hand, is still in full control. But if a development in The Wheel of Time season 2, episode 7 is any indication, her fall from grace in the books is about to unfold onscreen, albeit with a major twist.

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The Wheel Of Time Just Set Up Siuan Sanche’s Downfall

“Daes Dae’mar” concluding with Rand’s escape is bad news for Siuan’s future as the Amyrlin Seat. In the books, Siuan was removed from power after the Aes Sedai realized that she had kept the Dragon Reborn’s existence a secret for years. Knowing what she hid from her fellow Aes Sedai led to a group of them voting for a new Amylin Seat. As a result, Siuan was stilled. A similar scenario occurring in the show was set in motion when Rand escaped, as Siuan will have to explain what happened. Simply put, she can’t explain the fight with Rand without the truth coming out.

The unfortunate reality is that the Aes Sedai would have good cause to assign fault to Siuan for what happened. From their perspectives, Siaun has had knowledge of the Dragon’s return for years, but has said nothing. Not only that, but they had the Dragon Reborn in their grasp and he got away, which can similarly be attributed to the rest of the Aes Sedai being so poorly informed. It’s inevitable for the Aes Sedai to want to hold someone accountable, and given Siuan’s level of involvement, there’s no better person to blame than her.

Liandrin’s Wheel Of Time Story Hints She’ll Be The New Amyrlin Seat

Liandrin in Wheel of Time season 2

In the books, Siuan’s successor as the Amyrlin Seat was the character who orchestrated her downfall in the first place: Elaida of the Red Ajah. However, the show has yet to even use Elaida. For her to get that role, it seems reasonable that the series would work up to it gradually, allowing Elaida to evolve from the scheming Red Sister to the Aes Sedai leader she becomes in the novels. But since she’s been thus far avoided (in spite of being introduced in the first book), it’s likely her role will go to a different character – namely, Liandrin.

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At this point, letting The Wheel of Time’s Liandrin lead the way for Siuan to be deposed would be the most organic way to advance her story. Not unlike Elaida, Liandrin is a Red Sister who’s been trying to stir up trouble at the White Tower for quite a while, hence why she’d be a more than suitable substitute for Elaida in the upcoming arc. What’s more, she’s long wanted someone else in charge. Thanks to what just happened in Cairhien, Liandrin now has a clear-cut way of getting her wish.

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