When Will The Creator Release On Streaming?


When Will The Creator Release On Streaming?

Gareth Edwards and John David Washington’s original sci-fi movie debuts in theaters, but here is when The Creator releases on streaming and digital.


  • The Creator, a highly anticipated sci-fi movie, will have an exclusive theatrical debut on September 29, 2023, but will eventually be available on streaming services and PVOD options.
  • Disney and 20th Century typically release their major blockbusters on Disney+ around 90 days after the theatrical release, so The Creator will likely be available for streaming on Disney+ or Hulu in December 2023.
  • Before its streaming release, The Creator will have a digital release in November 2023, making it available for purchase or rental on PVOD services, possibly around Thanksgiving.



The Creator will release on streaming after its exclusive theatrical debut, and here is what is known about which streaming service it will be on and when. The 2023 original sci-fi movie from director Gareth Edwards and starring John David Washington has made a big impact on the public thanks to stellar trailers and creative marketing techniques involving the film’s robots. Disney and 20th Century have managed to build a great deal of interest in The Creator as a result. The movie has already been heralded as one of the best movies of 2023 according to early reactions revealed before its theatrical debut.

While The Creator releases in theaters on September 29, 2023, this is not the only avenue for curious viewers to see the movie in the long run. Those interested in seeing Gareth Edwards’ movie as quickly as possible will have to go to cinemas. But, anyone who is willing to or must wait until it comes to a streaming service will eventually get an opportunity to watch Gareth Edwards’ controversial The Creator at home. This will come through streaming releases and PVOD options. For those who are more likely to hold off on a theatrical viewing, here is when The Creator is coming out on a streaming service and digital.

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The Creator Will Likely Release On Streaming In December 2023

Disney and 20th Century have yet to announce an official The Creator streaming release date, but the studios do have a usual schedule that they follow. Almost all of Disney’s major blockbusters release on Disney+ 90 days after their theatrical debut. 20th Century’s movies have had more variance with their streaming releases, as The Boogeyman took 121 days to go to streaming, while Theater Camp arrived quicker than usual after 62 days. Meanwhile, Avatar: The Way of Water took 173 days to come to Disney+. The most likely outcome is that The Creator releases on Disney+ or Hulu about 90 days after it debuts in theaters.

If this is the schedule that Disney and 20th Century follow for The Creator, a December 2023 release on streaming is achievable. It would make sense for the studios to push the big, original sci-fi movie to streaming near the end of the month when people will be off work and home for the holidays. This could help The Creator become a streaming hit on top of a potential box office success, even if does not break a John David Washington box office record. If it overperforms, perhaps a January 2024 streaming release could happen instead.

The Creator Will Likely Release On Digital In November 2023

The Creator

Anyone who wants to watch The Creator at home before it releases on streaming will get a slightly earlier option through its eventual Digital release. Disney and 20th Century typically make their movies available on Paid Video On Demand (PVOD) services about two months after they are released in theaters. This means that people should be able to buy or rent The Creator digitally in November 2023. This could make the movie available on Digital right around Thanksgiving. In any case, The Creator will release on streaming after its Digital debut.

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Key Release Date

  • The Creator Movie Poster The Creator Release Date: 2023-09-29

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