Where To Find Every A113 Easter Egg In Pixar Movies


Where To Find Every A113 Easter Egg In Pixar Movies

Pixar has a long-standing tradition of including creative Easter eggs in each of their movies, and here’s where to find every A113 Easter egg.


  • Pixar’s A113 Easter egg tradition has been present in every single one of their films as a fun scavenger hunt for viewers to find.
  • A113 serves as a reference to the classroom number where many Pixar employees studied at the California Institute of the Arts.
  • The Easter egg can be spotted in various ways throughout each film, such as on license plates, in code on cereal boxes, or as room numbers, adding a playful touch to the movies.



Pixar does many things exceptionally well, including how they carefully craft and hide Easter eggs such as “A113” throughout each one of their films. The studio, which kicked off its massive success with the beloved film Toy Story, is known for its animated pieces that touch the hearts of multiple generations. One way that they celebrate their accomplishments and their long history of impactful stories is through their innovative creation and inclusion of certain traditions that reference their history. Although ones, such as the John Ratzenberger cameo, have not been able to make their way into more recent movies, the A113 Easter egg has been present in every single Pixar film.

A113 started as an inside joke of the animators at Pixar and has turned into a phenomenon that viewers have picked up on and look forward to. It serves as a reference to the classroom number that many Pixar employees studied at when attending the California Institute of the Arts. Not only has the joke made its way into every Pixar movie, but also some non-Pixar projects as well. Some of these include Lilo & Stitch, The Avengers, and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Ultimately, the Easter egg has turned into a fun scavenger hunt for viewers, and here are the answers as to where to find A113 in every Pixar film.

27 Toy Story

With Toy Story being Pixar’s first-ever film, it’s no surprise that several long-lasting traditions were established through it. Released in 1995, Toy Story was the first movie to find a way to incorporate A113, and every Pixar movie since has followed suit. In Toy Story, A113 can be spotted on the license plate of Ms. Davis’ bright blue minivan.

26 A Bug’s Life

Flix is wearing a backpack in a Bug's Life.

A Bug’s Life came out in 1998 and continued the A113 tradition, not once but twice. The first time, it can be seen as a code on a brown cereal box when Flix enters the Bug City. It is also on the nutrition facts for a box of Casey Jr. Cookies that are part of the construction of P.T. Flea’s circus train.

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25 Toy Story 2

A113 is on a license plate.

1999’s sequel to Toy Story, Toy Story 2, brought back the A113 Easter egg in the same way as its predecessor. It was included on the license plate of Ms. Davis’ blue car. This was not the only time A113 was referred to in the film, though. An airport announcer says “LasstAir flight A113 from Point Richmond now arriving at Gate 3.” This was not only an inclusion of the A113 Easter egg, but also a reference to the esteemed director of the film, John Lasseter.

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24 Monsters Inc.

Miley and Sulley are in the door vault.

The A113 Easter egg tradition found its way into the new decade through 2001’s Monsters Inc. There are several instances where A113 is speculated to be hidden, although some of them seem more probable than others. The first one is the easiest to spot; it is in one of the pillars in a hallway inside the factory. This does read “A13” instead of “A113”, though, so there is controversy over whether or not this is the actual Easter egg.

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The second instance is where Mike and Sulley are watching the news and the yellow newscaster is shaped like the letter “A”, the orange newscaster is in the shape of a “1” and the background says “13”. The third, and final instance, is the sky above the trailer where Randall gets beaten up. The stars can be connected to read “A113”.

23 Finding Nemo

A scuba diver is holding up a yellow camera in Finding Nemo.

While it seems hard to include an Easter egg underwater, 2003’s Finding Nemo found a way to creative way to deliver. While hard to find at first glance, it can be spotted as the model number on a camera used by a scuba driver.

22 The Incredibles

A113 is seen in Incredibles.

Pixar’s sixth movie, The Incredibles, came out in 2004 and boasted several A113 call-outs. The first of which was the room number of a conference room in Syndrome’s lair, where Mr. Incredible is waiting to get his second assignment before being attacked by the Omnidroid. The second instance is quite creative, as the prison level that Mr. Incredible is being held on is “Level A1” and the cell number is 13. The jet hanger that the family ends up in looks like it reads A113 on the wall, as well.

21 Cars

A train from Cars says A113.

The 2006 Pixar film, Cars, incorporated A113 in three very natural ways. The first of which was having it be the goofy tow truck, Mater’s license plate number. There is also a train that Lightning McQueen thinks is Mack that reads “A113” on the front. Additionally, the Easter egg is a part of Dexter Hoover’s license plate with the whole thing reading “A113CA”.

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20 Ratatouille

Rats are seen in Ratatouille.

Similar to its predecessor, 2007’s Ratatouille had multiple inclusions of A113. One of which was a tag that read “A113” on a lab rat named Git’s left ear. The other was when Linguini was seen watching TV, A113 was written on a train behind the on-screen couple.

19 Wall-E

A113 can be seen in Wall-E.

Wall-E came out in 2008 and marked the first and only time that A113 was made a part of the central plot. In the movie, A113 is the forbidden code for AUTO’s directive. In Leet Speak, Wall-E is WA113, serving as another interesting Easter egg. A113 can also be seen on the 4K/Blu-ray release cover.

18 Up

Carl sits on a bench.

One of the most heart-wrenching Pixar films of all time, Up, was released in 2009 and had just one inclusion of A113. When Carl is sitting outside of the courtroom, it can be seen on a small, bronze plaque on the wall.

17 Toy Story 3

A license plate says A113.

The third movie in the Toy Story lineup, 2010’s Toy Story 3 had three different A113 references. The first was, once again, on the license plate of Ms. Davis’ blue minivan. It was also in an advertisement shown in the film for “Cars ‘n Deals of Emeryville”. In the ad, a car has A113 as its license plate as well. The third instance was when the film went static for half a second, leading an address to be left on the screen. This address is “www.chromeA113.com” and led to a clip of Cars 2.

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16 Cars 2

A plane is flying through the clouds in Cars 2.

2011’s sequel to Cars, Cars 2, featured A113 multiple times and in innovative ways. The first may feel familiar to viewers, as it was on Mater’s license plate like in the first movie. The second instance, however, is new. It was seen on the tail of a spy plane named Siddeley. The third, and final, time A113 was spotted in Cars 2 was beneath a photograph of Miles Axlerod’s engine, as Finn, Holley, and Mater are examining it.

15 Brave

Merida is turning her face in Brave.

Released in 2012, Brave has one of the hardest A113 Easter eggs to find in the Pixar film lineup for two reasons. First, it is seen in Roman numerals which makes it tougher to look out for if viewers are unaware of this change. The second reason it can be so difficult to spot is because it is not on the screen for very long. It is located above the front door entrance of the witch’s cottage but for just a few seconds.

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14 Monsters University

Sulley is walking into a classroom.

A113 was able to make its way to school, along with Mike and Sulley, in 2013’s sequel to Monsters Inc., Monsters University. The classroom number for the class featured in the movie, “Scaring 101”, is A113. It can be seen on the wooden door as Sulley is walking into class.

13 Inside Out

Riley is standing in front of graffitti.

2015’s Inside Out included A113 not once but twice. It is most notably seen as graffiti in San Francisco when Riley gets a phone call from her mother after running away from home. It is also the number of Riley’s school classroom.

12 The Good Dinosaur

Arlo is running.

Also released in 2015, The Good Dinosaur is one of Pixar’s less popular films, but it deserves credit for its clever inclusion of A113. This is another one of those Easter eggs that if audiences don’t know what to look for, can be incredibly difficult to spot. For those who have had trouble finding it, here’s the answer as to its location. It is formed by pickets on the wood fence that surrounds Arlo’s family farm.

11 Finding Dory

A truck is driving down the road.

The highly-anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo was released in 2016 and did not disappoint in terms of A113 Easter eggs. The number can be seen on the tags of two sea lions, Fluke and Rudder, with one cleverly labeled “A1” and the other “13”. The license plate on the truck that is holding the quarantined fish also reads “CAL A113”.

10 Cars 3

McQueen is standing in front of a door.

Pixar’s second threequel, 2017’s Cars 3, managed to find three different ways to include the Easter egg. The first was, once again, as Mater’s license plate. It was also Sterling’s office number at the Rust-eze Racing Center and can be seen on Shannon Spoke’s press sticker. The third instance was on one of Miss. Fritter’s victims’ license plates. It reads: “Nebraska A01-13L”.

9 Coco

The family is standing together in Coco.

2017’s Coco brought A113 to the Land of the Dead. The number is present on one of Ernesto de la Cruz’s music albums. It can also be found on the office door of the Bureau of Family Grievances, which is located in the Land of the Dead’s Grand Central station.

8 Incredibles 2

A movie theater is seen in Incredibles 2.

Incredibles 2 was released 14 years after The Incredibles, so it had plenty of time to cook up some innovative A113 Easter eggs. The number is first seen spray-painted onto a dumpster that Frozone is crouching behind after the Underminer’s attack. It is also on the front of the Metrolev hover train, the door to the editing room at DEVTECH, and in the corner of the International Superhero Accord contract. The most obvious and easy-to-spot inclusion was on the marquee of the movie theater where Violet and Tony are going on their date, which reads “DEMENTIA-113”.

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