Where Was Us Filmed? California Filming Locations Explained


Where Was Us Filmed? California Filming Locations Explained

Jordan Peele’s horror film Us features a family set upon by their creepy doppelgängers, and the filming locations match the real locations closely.


  • Us was shot in real-world locations, adding to the authenticity and eerie atmosphere of the film, including the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Pasadena, California.
  • Jordan Peele’s Us received widespread praise for its inventive story and unsettling performances, establishing him as an elite horror director.
  • The use of minimal CGI in the film allowed for the horror to be derived from the performances and locations, emphasizing the skill of the actors and the eerie atmosphere created by Peele’s filming choices.



Jordan Peele’s horror masterpiece Us features a family set upon by their own creepy doppelgangers while vacationing on the Pacific Ocean, and as it turns out, Peele chose to shoot in many of the real-world locations that are featured in the movie. The film stars Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke in a story where they pull double duty, playing the central characters and their sinister and creepy clones, known in Us as “The Tethered.” The hellish subterranean duplicates first confront their surface-dwelling counterparts at their vacation home and pursue them all the way to the coast, and Peele shot most of the movie right where the action takes place in the story.

Jordan Peele’s Us was universally praised for its inventive and ambitious story, with its box office confirming that it won over audiences as well as critics. The film helped enter Peele into the conversation as one of the elite horror directors in America. There is very little CGI in the movie, with most of the horror being derived from the unsettling performances of Nyong’o and the rest of the cast and the shadowy, empty-feeling locations in which the action takes place. Peele’s selections for filming locations truly helped to create the eerie atmosphere that dominates Us.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, California

Adelaide’s original encounter with her doppelganger occurs when she is a little girl, after she wanders off while her parents are distracted. The house of mirrors where the encounter occurs, along with the boardwalk that she and her parents are visiting is the actual Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The idyllic boardwalk still maintains most of its vintage rides and attractions, which allowed Peele to shoot scenes that occurred both in present day and 33 years in the past. The action that occurs off the boardwalk takes place right in Santa Cruz, and was filmed there as well.

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Pasadena, California

Cast of Us - Jordan Peele

Per Santa Cruz County’s website, Pasadena, California was the site of several scenes in the film. The lakeside vacation house where the Wilson family is first confronted by the Tethered, for example, was in Pasadena. One of Los Angeles’ more aesthetically appealing suburbs, Pasadena is famous for being the home of the annual Rose Bowl college football game. While the Wilsons’ home is located right in Pasadena, some of the other key scenes occur just on the outskirts of the city.

As the Wilson family flees their twins, they make their way out to – and in Gabe’s case onto – the lake near their house. The lake scenes were shot on the picturesque Lake Gregory in the San Bernadino Valley, roughly an hour outside the heart of Pasadena. The Wilson family eventually arrives at the home of their friends the Tylers, where they fight and eventually overpower the clones of the Tylers. The location selected for the Tyler home was actually in Calabasas, which is still less than an hour outside of Pasadena.

Source: Santa Cruz County

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