Who Played Lindsay Lohan's Double In The Parent Trap (& Where She Is Now)


Who Played Lindsay Lohan’s Double In The Parent Trap (& Where She Is Now)

Lindsay Lohan played both twins in 1998’s The Parent Trap, but she also had help from a body double for scenes she couldn’t take on by herself.


  • Lindsay Lohan does not have a twin sister, and she used a body double for some scenes in The Parent Trap.
  • Erin Mackey was Lohan’s body double for scenes where the characters interacted with each other.
  • Mackey has had success in both film and Broadway, starring in productions like Wicked and Annie.



Contrary to some popular rumors, Lindsay Lohan never had a twin sister and used a double for some of The Parent Trap scenes. The New York native starred as both Halle and Anna in the 1998 remake of the film alongside Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson. To differentiate the characters, Anna had long hair, which she later cut, and spoke in a British accent. It is always fun to see a movie coming up with creative ways of portraying fictional twins or doubles, especially before CG faces and replacements were common.

The Parent Trap was Lohan’s first film role, but after its success, she went on to star in several other Disney films like Get A Clue, Freaky Friday, and Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. However, the actress never appeared in a movie playing twins again. However, when she acted in The Parent Trap, one of the best Lindsay Lohan movies, she had to have help from a body double for a few of the scenes.

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Erin Mackey Played Lindsay Lohan’s The Parent Trap Double

Erin Mackey played Lohan’s body double for scenes where the two characters had to interact with each other. While it was easy to stitch the characters together when they were talking to each other, they needed Mackey to stand in for scenes like Anna teaching Halle her special handshake with her butler. She also stood in when Lohan needed a partner to talk to, as it would have been pretty awkward for the actress to be talking to no one.

On The Tiara Talk Show, Mackey shared that she was not a part of the fencing scenes, as the film crew used two other stunt doubles, but the scenes she did shoot, she has fond memories of being a part of. Mackey even remembers wearing the fencing costumes for a different scene and admits it was pretty difficult to get into. However, she mainly remembers how well she got along with her The Parent Trap costars.

What Erin Mackey Has Done Since The Parent Trap

Erin Mackey as Glinda in Wicked

Mackey has continued acting after helping Lohan out in The Parent Trap. One year later, Mackey starred alongside real-life twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olson in You’re Invited to Mary Kate & Ashley’s Fashion Party, though her most recent movie roles were in 2015’s The Intern and 2016’s CoExisting. However, the actress has seen great success in the Broadway world. Recently, Eric Mackey played Glinda in several productions of Wicked, including Broadway. Mackey’s also been in stage productions like Anything Goes, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, and Annie.

Source: The Tiara Talk Show

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