Why Band Of Brothers Is Not As Realistic As You Think


Why Band Of Brothers Is Not As Realistic As You Think

Band of Brothers is considered one of the most historically accurate pieces of World War II TV, but its creator admits that it still misses the mark.


  • Band of Brothers is known for its historical accuracy, but Tom Hanks reveals that it isn’t as realistic as many believe.
  • Despite this, the series stands out for being accurate in all aspects, from history and military plots to perfect details.
  • Hanks acknowledges that while the show may not be 100% accurate, it still offers valuable insights into the lives of brave men and the impact of war.



In 2001, Band of Brothers awed audiences with its dramatized depiction of the real-life Easy Company’s journey from boot camp to the European Theater of World War II, however, despite the praise Band of Brothers has received, its creator Tom Hanks has said that it isn’t actually as accurate as many believe it to be. Band of Brothers is a war miniseries based on a nonfiction book by Stephen A. Ambrose. The book and the series both document the experiences of the Easy Company, a unit of the parachute infantry division during the Second World War.

Tom Hanks’ comment is quite surprising considering the fact that Band of Brothers is known for its historical accuracy. In Hollywood, it’s not uncommon for war movies and series to overdramatize, and worse, add in scenarios that never would have happened in real life. Despite this, because Band of Brother’s is based on Stephen Ambrose’s book, it stands out for being accurate in all aspects, from its history and military plots to the perfect details of the Band of Brothers’ storylines. At this point, Band of Brothers has long been known for its historical accuracy. Therefore, Tom Hanks’ words seem not only strange, but impossible.

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Tom Hanks Explained Why Band Of Brothers Wasn’t Realistic

Tom Hanks noted that Band of Brothers wasn’t actually realistic after the premiere of the first episode. He had reached out to Major Richard Winters, a real WWII soldier whose story became central to Band of Brothers, and discussed the show’s accuracy. Winters told Hanks that he wished for more authenticity. In particular, he said, “I wish that it would have been more authentic. I was hoping for an 80 percent solution.” Surprisingly, Hanks said this: “Look, Major, this is Hollywood. At the end of the day we will be hailed as geniuses if we get this 12 percent right. We are going to shoot for 17 percent.”

Ultimately, what Hanks is saying in this quote is that, Band of Brothers is certainly more accurate than other World War II films and shows, however, it is almost impossible for it to be 100%, or even 80% as Winters suggested. He notes that, in Hollywood, accuracy is important, but not necessarily the end all be all. In this way, just being a tad more accurate than others can make a piece of content incredibly successful. Overall, this Band of Brothers quote gives some serious perspective as to how accurate Band of Brothers really is, especially from the viewpoint of a man who was actually living the story.

Why Band Of Brothers Is Still Great (Despite The Real Dick Winters’ Concerns)

Band of Brothers soldiers from the back

Although Band of Brothers makes mistakes in terms of historical accuracy, that doesn’t make it a bad show. Band of Brothers documents and honors the real lives and stories of brave men, and brings awareness to an important time in history. More than that though, Band of Brothers is about humanity and how it can be effected during war. While it can certainly bring darkness into mens’ lives, it also allows brotherhood and friendship to bloom. All in all, Band of Brothers has plenty of offer audiences, even if it isn’t the pinnacle of historical accuracy.

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