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Why Sydney Was Throwing Up In The Bear Season 2 Finale

When forced to take over service in The Bear season 2’s finale, Sydney finishes and then throws up outside, similar to another moment in season 1.


  • Sydney’s intense stress and anxiety during the opening night of the restaurant caused her to throw up afterwards.
  • Sydney’s vomiting in the finale was reminiscent of a similar stress-filled moment she experienced in season 1.
  • Despite her physical reaction, Sydney’s ability to handle the added responsibilities showcased her growth and determination in season 2.



Despite a triumphant moment in The Bear season 2’s finale, sous chef Sydney Adamu finds herself in the alley throwing up instead of celebrating her accomplishments. When head chef Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto is unexpectedly locked in a refrigerator during the finale, Sydney and front of house manager “cousin” Richie Jerimovich are forced into action to make sure the “Friends & Family” opening night of the restaurant finishes smoothly. With the first service delicately balancing between success and failure, the weight of the pressure affects all the restaurant staff differently, but Sydney has the most physical reaction.

The popular The Bear season 2 followed the staff of the restaurant formerly known as The Beef as they battle the clock, city inspectors, and financial troubles to try and open a world-class restaurant. Sydney and Carmy’s chaotic menu and vision for the new restaurant introduced new levels of stress to the process and created scenarios where they couldn’t even seem to communicate long enough to finalize plans for their first opening. The stress of opening the restaurant, the never-ending Berzatto family dynamics, and the crushing reality of so many Chicago-area restaurants closing their doors weigh heavily on Sydney, especially in The Bear season 2’s finale.

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Sydney Was Throwing Up In The Bear Due To Stress & Anxiety

When Carmy suddenly became indisposed during the opening night dinner service, Sydney was thrust into a role that she was not mentally prepared to play. For months, she had been preparing and fine-tuning every detail of the menu and was preparing to be a manager of all food preparation and presentation. With Carmy out of the picture, she not only had to manage the food preparation side of the house but also service and The Bear‘s kitchen brigade system. The stress and anxiety of the added responsibilities were something she was able to hold in check during service but caused her to throw up afterward.

In addition to the standard complications and problems any dinner service would entail, she also had to deal with a new chef (Josh, played by Alex Moffat) sneaking out to do drugs on the opening night of the restaurant. Fortunately, Marcus (The Bear’s pastry chef) and Richie step up in these situations and give Sydney the additional support she needs to make it through the first service. When it’s over, and she sees her father after the guests have left, however, the magnitude of the moments of stress and anxiety hit her and she can’t help but become sick.

Sydney Throwing Up Was A Callback To The Bear Season 1

Carmy and Syd collage from The Bear

In The Bear season 1, episode 7, “Review,” Sydney experienced a similar stress-filled moment when she made a massive mistake setting up a new online order system for lunch. She accidentally left a pre-order option open on a system the staff was completely unfamiliar with, leading to overwhelming the kitchen with orders where they could not keep up. Sydney begins to quickly lose her cool, dropping food, arguing with Richie and Marcus, and eventually, stabbing Richie on the backside during service.

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At that moment, Sydney decides she can no longer handle the pressure of The Beef or the chaotic personalities of Carmy, Richie, and the rest of the kitchen staff. Instead of powering through and throwing up afterward, Sydney curses out Carmy and quits on the spot. She eventually makes amends with Carmy in the season finale, but it shows that Sydney is not quite ready to take on the responsibility of managing large aspects of a chaotic restaurant. Her growth over the next season would eventually show that she is better able to handle these moments by the time The Bear opens.

The Bear Season 2 Finale Was A Triumph For Sydney, Despite Her Throwing Up

Blended image if Camren and Sydney looking at the Beef and the staff including Richie lined up in the Bear

Unlike her breakdown in season 1, Sydney is able to conquer her fears and rise to the occasion in the season 2 finale when Carmy becomes unavailable. The completion of that first service of the new restaurant was a triumphant conclusion to her arc throughout the season that saw her doubt her own abilities to make good food and her dedication to such an ambitious venture. In a way, her throwing up in the alley after service shows just how much growth she experienced in one season. Her struggles in season 1 caused her to break and quit, but she was able to get to the finish line in season 2.

Throughout The Bear season 2, Sydney, as well as other characters like Richie and Tina, have heroic journeys that allow them to overcome their self-doubt and fears to achieve something beautiful when the new restaurant opens. Each of these characters handled adversity in their own way, but Sydney – perhaps more than any other character – proved to the staff, to her father, and to herself that she could rise to the occasion even under the most stressful circumstances.

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