Wonder Woman Just Debuted a Deadly Weapon That Changes DC Lore Forever


Wonder Woman Just Debuted a Deadly Weapon That Changes DC Lore Forever

A new era has begun for Wonder Woman, and with it comes new villains and new threats — including a weapon that can easily kill an Amazon.

Warning: contains spoilers for Wonder Woman #1!




  • Wonder Woman faces a deadly new threat as the United States government sets out to bring her and the rest of the Amazons in as “fugitives.”
  • Sarge Steel, appointed head of the task force to take down Wonder Woman, leads an army to deport the Amazons, resulting in the death of one Amazon who courageously fights back.
  • The government has developed a new anti-Amazon weapon called “froufrou bullets” that poses an existential threat to the Amazons, but Wonder Woman’s unique abilities allow her to deflect them.

In her new series, Wonder Woman faces a deadly anti-Amazon weapon that changes DC lore — forever. A new era has begun for the Amazonian Princess, and with it comes a shocking new status quo, as well as powerful new weapons and foes. In Wonder Woman #1, the United States government sets its sights on Diana and the rest of the Amazons, making them “fugitives,” and, to bring her in, the military has the ultimate anti-Amazon weapon.

The newly-revamped version of Sarge Steel, working under orders from the government, has led a small army of troops to a house in the suburbs in Wonder Woman #1 by Tom King, Daniel Sampere, Tomeu Morey, and Clayton Cowles. Two Amazons live there, and Steel has come to deport them. One of the Amazons pleads with Steel, telling him she has an adopted daughter. The other Amazon then attacks Steel and his soldiers, who open fire on her, killing her instantly.

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Steel is impressed, calling the bullets “froufrou bullets” and that they can “cut right through Amazon steel.” Later, Steel and his army confront Wonder Woman, who is still able to deflect the bullets.

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The Times Are Changing for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Amazon Weapon 1

The new “froufrou bullets” represent a grave threat to Wonder Woman and the Amazons and perfectly represent King and Sampere’s new direction for them. The Amazons have now been outlawed from American soil, and the Amazon Extradition Treaty is being enforced. Sarge Steel has been appointed head of this task force, and he is committed to bringing down Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazons by any means necessary. That will not be an easy task, as the Amazons are hard to kill and possess special weapons and armor. The Amazons take great pride in their weapons, confident they can withstand anything.

Now, in the Amazons’ darkest hour, their former allies in the United States have found a weapon powerful enough to cut through that weaponry and kill an Amazon point-blank. The ironically-named froufrou bullets make short work of the suburban Amazon in this issue, and Sarge Steel even brags about it. He does not, however, explain where this anti-Amazon technology came from, creating a mystery that may play out over future issues. It would take someone with a deep knowledge of Wonder Woman and the Amazons to fashion such a weapon. Regardless of where these bullets came from, they represent an existential threat to the Amazons.

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Who Designed the Anti-Amazon Technology?

A Blonde Amazon Faces Down Gunmen

Fortunately, Wonder Woman can deflect these so-called froufrou bullets, even if other Amazons can’t. All Amazon weapons and armors are forged from only the best materials, but Wonder Woman’s bracelets are extra special, and it may take even more to destroy them. However, Sarge Steel is no doubt aware of this and may already have measures in place to account for Wonder Woman and her bracelets. America has declared war on Wonder Woman and the Amazons, and will go to any length to stop them — even introducing a powerful new weapon that can easily kill even an Amazon.

Wonder Woman #1 is on sale now from DC Comics!

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