Worf Reveals His Bounty Hunter Crew's Elite Combat Advantage (That Starfleet Lacks)


Worf Reveals His Bounty Hunter Crew’s Elite Combat Advantage (That Starfleet Lacks)

As Star Trek: Defiant’s new era begins, the ship’s crew has already identified one tactical advantage they have over other Starfleet crews.


  • The crew of the Defiant has a tactical advantage over other Starfleet crews – they can all beam off the ship at once, as the uniquely small five-person crew can all fit on a single transporter pad.
  • The latest arc of Defiant features Captain Worf and his crew acting as off-the-books bounty hunters for Starfleet, with their first target being former Borg Hugh, familiar to viewers of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Picard.
  • The small size of the Defiant’s crew could be a lifesaving advantage in a future dangerous situation, as they can all escape on one transporter pad if necessary.



One of the best things about IDW’s Star Trek comic book renaissance has been the company’s Defiant ongoing series, which has featured Captain Worf and a misfit crew aboard Starfleet’s premiere battleship – and as the series begins its latest arc, the small crew have discovered one tactical advantage that could prove vital in the future.

Star Trek: Defiant #9 – written by Christopher Cantwell, with art by Mike Feehan – finds the crew acting as off-the-books bounty hunters, chasing down key targets at the behest of Starfleet. Their first encounter is with former Borg Hugh, and his crew of liberated drones, and things do not go as planned for the crew of the Defiant.

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In a pinch, when they need to evade the de-Collectivized Borg, the crew of the Defiant load onto the transporter pad; everyone aboard is able to beam off-ship at once – an advantage that no other Starfleet tactical crew can claim, as its vessels generally carry compliments in the dozens, if not the hundreds, or more.

Defiant’s Battle-Ready Five-Person Crew Is Unique In Starfleet

Panels from Defiant #9, Worf's plan to counter Hugh's boarding manuever hinges on their small crew

Worf isn’t entirely happy with the circumstances of his current command; having gone AWOL, stealing the Defiant during Star Trek’s “God War,” he is still coming directly off the the traumatic events of “Day of Blood” – and now, he and his crew have been tasked with acting as unsanctioned bounty hunters for Starfleet. Their first target is Hugh, the former Borg drone beloved by Trek fans for his on-screen appearances in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Picard. Of course, apprehending Hugh and delivering him into Starfleet custody does not go smoothly – had it, writer Christopher Cantwell wouldn’t have been able to craft a dynamic cat-and-mouse scene featuring the ship’s transporter.

That’s the one good thing about this crew,” Worf says, perhaps a bit more harshly than he intended to, “we all fit on one pad.” Thinking quickly, the captain plans to counter Hugh’s imminent boarding party with one of their own – in this case, their entire crew. Given there are only five of them, the ex-Borg contingent will arrive to an empty vessel, while the entire Defiant crew beams over to Hugh’s ship to capture him. This is a unique tactical advantage that no other Starfleet vessel can claim – at least, not one as battle-ready as the Defiant.

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The Defiant Crew Will Take Every Tactical Advantage They Can Get

Defiant #9, Worf and his crew beam over to Hugh's ship; Hugh and his crew beam over to Worf's ship

Aside from some small science vessels, or remote outposts, Starfleet crews are usually larger, consisting of more officers than would be capable of fitting on a single transporter pad. This small but notable advantage over other crews is useful during the non-lethal confrontation with Hugh’s crew, but it could subsequently prove vital in a life-or-death scenario. Were the ship’s destruction imminent, for example, with time enough for only one transporter pad’s worth of escapees, this unintended benefit of Defiant’s crew size could prevent tragedy, where a more populous vessel would suffer many casualties. Captain Worf may not have the ideal command right now, but he’s got some advantages, and the ability to recognize them.

Star Trek #9 is available now from IDW Publishing.

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