Yoda One-Ups Kylo Ren's Coolest Force Trick 8 Years After The Force Awakens


Yoda One-Ups Kylo Ren’s Coolest Force Trick 8 Years After The Force Awakens

Kylo Ren displayed an incredible Force ability in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but Yoda did something more impressive nearly 300 years earlier.


  • Yoda’s Force abilities in an animated TV show prove he can do more than Kylo Ren, showcasing his immense power and skills.
  • Yoda’s mastery and control of the Force, developed over hundreds of years, suggests that he may be more powerful than the Skywalker family.
  • Yoda’s ability to stand against dangerous Force users and even surpass them, such as countering Force lightning, establishes him as more powerful than Kylo Ren in Star Wars canon.



Kylo Ren made a lasting impression in Star Wars: The Force Awakens with his impressive Force trick, but Yoda has now done something better. When Poe Dameron tried to kill Kylo Ren by shooting him, he stopped the blaster bolt in midair with the Force, holding it in place for several minutes before leaving Jakku. It immediately conveyed Kylo Ren’s power and felt special because nothing like it had ever been done in the Star Wars movies.

Thanks to the animated TV shows, Yoda has had more opportunities to display his immeasurable Force abilities outside the movies. The latest example shows how Yoda could perform the same Force trick as Kylo Ren while adding other abilities to make it even better. It reinforces why Yoda was one of the greatest Jedi who ever lived and suggests that he may have been more powerful than the Skywalkers.

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Yoda Just Proved He Could Do Far More Than Kylo Ren

Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures “An Adventure With Yoda”

Not only did Yoda master the ability to stop blaster bolts in midair, but he could do more with it than Kylo Ren. In Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures season 1, episode 15a “An Adventure with Yoda,” Yoda stops three blaster bolts at once before they can reach his students. He then sends the bolts back at the droids that fired them as the young Jedi watch in awe. Yoda barely pauses before hurling this lightsaber to destroy the remaining droids behind the students, demonstrating tremendous power. Kylo Ren holding a blaster bolt for several minutes was impressive, but it pales to Yoda’s abilities in the High Republic era.

Is Yoda More Powerful Than A Skywalker?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Kylo Ren, Yoda, and Luke in The Last Jedi

Yoda’s scene in Young Jedi Adventures raises whether he is more powerful than Kylo Ren or any member of the Skywalker family. Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One, a “vergence in the Force,” and all his descendants had “that mighty Skywalker blood,” implying that Skywalkers have more “raw, untamed power” than Yoda. However, a Jedi would argue that power without control is a weakness, and Yoda had hundreds of years to master his abilities and gain greater control than anyone else. Grogu also seemed naturally strong with the Force in The Mandalorian despite his “young” age, possibly implying that Yoda’s species has a powerful connection.

Either way, Yoda stood toe-to-toe with some of the most dangerous Force users throughout the Star Wars saga. He surprised Dooku with his ability to counter Force lightning, and while Darth Sidious proved more of a challenge, Yoda mustered the strength to push back against the Sith Lord’s power. Yoda became more powerful than the Skywalkers after becoming one with the Force, summoning a lightning strike on Ahch-To with just his finger. Kylo Ren was strong with the Force in The Force Awakens, but Yoda has officially outdone his abilities in Star Wars canon.

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