Yoda's Dagobah Cave Vision Proves Luke Skywalker Got Off Easy


Yoda’s Dagobah Cave Vision Proves Luke Skywalker Got Off Easy

Luke Skywalker once had a disturbing vision while stuck on Dagobah, with Yoda finally getting his own version of this event to far scarier results.

Warning: spoilers for Star Wars: Yoda #10!In Star Wars lore, Luke Skywalker once confronted his fears and anxieties on the swampy planet of Dagobah, with his Jedi mentor, Yoda, recently putting himself through the same mental gauntlet in the final issue of his solo miniseries. But as frightening as Luke’s visions were, they were nothing compared to what Yoda just went through, proving that Luke got off way easier in his brush with the dark side!



Famously facing his fears in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke was pushed by Yoda to enter Dagobah’s mystical Cave of Evil — a powerful living dark side vergence — in an attempt to come to terms with the parts of himself harboring emotions that could eventually lead him down a dark path.

Dueling an apparition of his father, Darth Vader, Luke strikes him down only to see his own face in the decapitated helmet of his dad, giving Luke and Yoda pause as to what Luke’s mindset was like at the time. And now, in a comic series filling in the gaps of Yoda’s long years in exile, Yoda has finally taken a stroll into the Cave of Evil, where he meets the greatest failures of his past, all presented to him in terrifying nightmare forms, putting Luke’s comparatively tame experience to shame.

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Yoda’s Dagobah Vision Is Way More Terrifying Than Luke’s

Yoda drowning in a pile of skulls pulled down by his dead friends

Showing Yoda’s horrifying visions in Star Wars: Yoda #10, by Cavan Scott and Ibraim Roberson, Obi-Wan Kenobi, in Force ghost form, goads his old friend into entering the cave, claiming it’s “exactly” where Yoda needs to be. Almost immediately met by an apparition of Yoda’s one-time Padawan, Count Dooku, their meeting soon turns sour as Dooku bursts from the shadows, snarling with a mouth full of sharp teeth and brandishing the gruesome injuries Anakin once dealt him. Soon set upon by others from his past, Yoda visualizes the High Republic-era Jedi Keeve Trennis, a pre-Vader Anakin Skywalker set half ablaze, monstrous versions of Bail Organa, Padme, and Mace Windu pulling him into a pit of skulls, and last but not least, a Force electricity-using Emperor Palpatine, turning this vision into a terror that beats all seen before it, Luke’s especially.

Compared to the brief scuffle Luke had with Vader, Yoda’s experience is true nightmare fuel. Not only seeing a centuries-old Jedi like Keeve (whose story as it relates to Yoda’s has yet to be fully revealed) but the friends and pupils of Yoda’s who he feels he’s failed — like Dooku and Anakin’s fall to the dark side or the deaths of Bail Organa, Padme, and Mace Windu — Yoda’s Cave of Evil trip is objectively more terrifying and straining than what Luke went through, giving fans a small taste of what Yoda struggles with daily. Luckily, Yoda eventually comes back to himself thanks to the song of a musical instrument remembered from a past disciple, effectively showing off his mental and emotional fortitude in a situation that Luke wouldn’t have handled nearly as well.

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Yoda Sees His Past Failures In His Visions

Yoda's vision of an electrified Palpatine and burning Anakin

So although Luke’s Cave of Evil vision was undoubtedly disturbing for him at the time, after seeing Yoda’s experience quite literally turn into a living nightmare, it can easily be said that Luke’s time in the cave was far better than his mentor’s. Luke Skywalker and Yoda both managed to face their fears and eventually win, but in scared-straight competition, the iconic Jedi Master’s trial wins out.

Star Wars: Yoda #10 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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