"You Had a Mullet?": Superman Puts an Official End to 1 Notable Fan Debate about His '90s Look


“You Had a Mullet?”: Superman Puts an Official End to 1 Notable Fan Debate about His ’90s Look

Fans wondering what was up with Superman’s ‘90s hairstyle get the answer from the horse’s mouth as Clark settles an argument about his ‘mullet’.


  • Superman puts an end to the debate over his infamous hairstyle and confirms that he never had a mullet.
  • In Action Comics #1057, Superman rescues his son Jon from an evil alien princess, while she procures a powerful monster for her next mission.
  • Creator Dan Jurgens has repeatedly denied giving Superman a mullet, and now the debate is finally settled as Superman clarifies the issue once and for all.



Warning! Spoilers ahead for Action Comics #1057!One of the oldest fan debates regarding Superman has been put to bed by the Man of Steel himself. Clark Kent puts an end to an argument regarding his infamous hairstyle from his ’90s redesign.

In Action Comics #1057’s story “Home Again Part Seven” by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks, Superman rescues his son Jon Kent from the clutches of the evil alien princess Glyanna. Clark and his son attempt to apprehend the rogue royal, but she activates an army of killer robots, forcing the Kryptonians to deal with them while she makes a hasty retreat. Despite her failure, she manages to procure the powerful monster Doombreaker for her next mission.

Superman and Jon return to Smallville and reunite with Lois Lane. The family heads home for breakfast when Jon brings up a question about his father’s past. Jon asks if Superman ever had a mullet, to which Lois says he did. Clark disagrees and says it was just long hair that grew out during the recovery process after his battle with Doomsday. Lois insists that it was a mullet before Clark ends the conversation once and for all saying it was long hair and nothing else.

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Superman Confirms He Never Had a Mullet

Superman Never Had Mullet DC

The origin of Superman’s oft-debated hairstyle goes all the way back to the ’90s. After Superman was killed facing off with the powerful otherworldly threat Doomsday, Clark’s body was stolen several times. During one body-snatching, the Superman replacement the Eradicator placed Clark’s body in a rejuvenating chamber. The chamber worked its magic and Clark eventually came back to life. Not only did he reappear wearing an all-black suit, but Superman also had much longer hair than before he fell at the hands of Doomsday.

Superman’s insistence regarding his hairstyle comically mirrors creator Dan Jurgens’ thoughts and feelings regarding Clark’s hairstyle. For years, certain fans looking back on the post-Death of Superman have called Clark’s hair a mullet. Jurgens, who drew the longer-haired Clark, has repeatedly denied that he ever gave Superman a mullet. Jurgens is correct as a mullet is traditionally a shorter hairstyle in the top front while leaving the back long. But fans continue to label Superman’s hair during this period as a mullet, much to Jurgens’ displeasure. But now the creator had ended the debate for good by using Superman to once and for all clarify the issue.

Superman Fan Debate Comes to a Meta, Comedic Close

Superman Mullet 90s DC Comics

Fans can be forgiven for thinking that Superman had a mullet, as some artwork does make it seem like Superman has the maligned haircut. But Jurgens has held firm in his stances for decades and it seems like the only way for him to make it crystal clear is by having Clark spell it out for him. If people don’t believe Dan Jurgens, hopefully they’ll believe Superman when he resolutely confirms that, despite how it looked, the Man of Steel never had a mullet. Action Comics #1057 is on sale now.

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