Young Avengers Come To Life After In New Art After Massive MCU Introduction


Young Avengers Come To Life After In New Art After Massive MCU Introduction

Following their recent big development in the final Marvel Cinematic Universe movie for 2023, the Young Avengers come to life in new fan art.

WARNING: This article includes SPOILERS from The Marvels.




  • New fan art celebrates the potential formation of the Young Avengers in the MCU, with characters like Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, America Chavez, and Cassie Lang coming together.
  • There is no official Young Avengers project announced yet, but Marvel Studios may be quietly working on something behind-the-scenes, possibly in upcoming Phase 5 movies and shows.
  • The Young Avengers may not debut until Phase 6 or Phase 7, after the Multiverse Saga, allowing for a more organic transition from the current Avengers to the younger generation. The future of the team remains uncertain.

New Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art brings the Young Avengers together after the franchise took a major step forward in getting the team to come to life. While the Avengers have been an active part of the MCU since 2012, another version of the team has been slowly built up since Phase 4. As new heroes join the franchise, the franchise has been carefully planting the seed for the MCU Young Avengers team, with multiple characters coming to life from the comics.

The Marvels movie ending came with a big surprise for the MCU audience, as Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop showed up for a brief but extremely memorable cameo. With Kamala reaching out to her about forming an Avengers team of their own, Hazzaa Jarrar shared new Young Avengers artwork to celebrate the team getting closer to becoming a reality in the MCU.

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The Young Avengers fan art brings not only Ms. Marvel and the new Hawkeye together, but also America Chavez and Cassie Lang. While Cassie may not have appeared in The Marvels, she was another Young Avengers candidate that Kamala referenced, teasing her inevitable recruitment.

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What Is Next For The Young Avengers?

With several MCU movies and TV shows coming up, there is still no Young Avengers solo project in the works. Since the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strike took up most of 2023, Marvel Studios haven’t been in a place where they could actually announce Young Avengers as either a film or series, but that doesn’t mean that they haven’t been quietly working on something for the team behind-the-scenes.

Since The Marvels is the biggest step forward for the Young Avengers, it wouldn’t be shocking if upcoming Phase 5 movies and shows are looking to flesh it out even further. The Ironheart TV show is still on its way, which would be the organic place to develop the team more, especially if Ms. Marvel shows up at the end of the season to recruit her, too. However, given how many delays there have been for the MCU lately, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Young Avengers didn’t happen until Phase 6.

Another option for the MCU is to save Young Avengers until Phase 7 after the Multiverse Saga is over, which could make for a more organic passing of the torch of the current Avengers to these younger characters. The Young Avengers as a concept has a lot of potential, and it would be a shame if all of this setup didn’t lead to the team actually getting formed in the foreseeable future. But for now, the world will have to wait and see what happens to the Young Avengers idea in the MCU after the events of The Marvels.

Source: Hazzaa Jarrar/Instagram

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