Young Sheldon Star Confirms Work Has Started For The Final Season With BTS Photo


Young Sheldon Star Confirms Work Has Started For The Final Season With BTS Photo

Emily Osment takes it to her official social media account to reveal that work has started for the shortened final season of Young Sheldon.


  • Excitement surrounds the production of Young Sheldon season 7, despite the show ending with fewer episodes and a late premiere.
  • Mandy’s character has become beloved by viewers and the Cooper family, with the possibility of a Mandy and Georgie wedding in season 7.
  • While the wedding may not be a priority for the writers, it’s crucial for Young Sheldon to give the couple a satisfying finale and potentially continue their story in a spin-off.



Actor Emily Osment confirms Young Sheldon season 7 is now in production. The Big Bang Theory spin-off is ending under less-than-ideal circumstances. Not only is the final season premiering late in the 2023-2024 TV season, but it will also have significantly fewer episodes. Despite that, there’s excitement about what comes next for Sheldon and the Coopers, especially in light of the events of the Young Sheldon season 6 finale.

Taking it to her Instagram Stories, Mandy actor Osment shared a behind-the-scenes image of herself with the caption that confirms that she and her co-stars are back to work for the 14-episode Young Sheldon season 7. Check out the image below:

Young Sheldon season 7 was reportedly going to wait until after Thanksgiving to start production. This, however, squashes that claim.

How Will Young Sheldon Season 7 Factor In Mandy?

Georgie shows something to a shocking Mandy in Young Sheldon Season 6 finale

Despite being a late addition to Young Sheldon, Mandy has endeared herself not just to the audience but to the whole Cooper clan. Season 6 was a big year for the character as she welcomed her and Georgie’s daughter, Baby Cece. While the pregnancy was unexpected and brought a lot of issues for the Coopers, everyone was thrilled to welcome the newest member of the clan. Moving forward, however, Young Sheldon season 7 may see Mandy and Georgie’s wedding.

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Whether Young Sheldon season 7 will show the pair tying the knot is not guaranteed. The Big Bang Theory prequel has several lingering plot lines that need to be resolved before it can wrap up. Since Georgie and Mandy’s romance wasn’t part of The Big Bang Theory‘s established canon, it may not be a priority for the writers. This could be a big mistake since the pair’s love story is the best original narrative that the spin-off came up with. Georgie and Mandy have already gone through so much, and a wedding is imperative that Young Sheldon can deliver a satisfying finale.

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Based on The Big Bang Theory‘s canon, Georgie and Mandy’s relationship doesn’t last. However, this shouldn’t dissuade Young Sheldon from giving the pair an actual happy ending, at least in the prequel. Perhaps, if CBS is looking to continue the franchise beyond the spin-off, they could award the couple their own show, which will tackle the ups and downs of their relationship after tying the knot.

Source: Emily Osment/Instagram

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